App download stats

I was watching with eagerness a week ago while on holiday in Malta as the total number of downloads for the ToDo List Widget passed the 50,000 mark!

For those interested, here is a chart showing the first 60,000 downloads.


YouTube videos

Here are a couple of videos I made demonstrating my app.


App makes it into the showcase

Just 10 days after it's initial release, my ToDo List Widget app has already appeared on the showcase (under Free Apps -> Productivity). This is great news and will hopefully lead to a rise in download numbers.

Screenshot of the Android Market

(It's interesting to note that the app description gets mangled a bit. New lines are lost and arrow angle brackets (>) appear as unicode values - android still has a way to go)

It's also nice to report that user comments for apps now appear on the developer side of the market - I can now read comments without having to get out my real phone and hunt for my apps :)

Developer console with comments

New ToDo widget app released

Frustrated by the lack of a really simple note-taking todo list widget for android devices, I've written my own and released it on the market.

 Example screenshot of the ToDo list widget

Using the KISS approach, I've deliberatly kept the app lean. There are no unnecessary features (such as calendar integration, import/export, alarms etc). It's just designed to do one job and do it well. Although it's mostly icon based, I've also added French, German, Italian and Spanish translations where needed.

If your after a simple way to keep track of todo items from your home screen, give it a go.

Review on YouTube

Hemorrdroidsnet has posted a nice review of the free version of the WhatGas Petrol Prices app.

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