Top Open Source Software

At work we occasionally get together and do a show-n-tell of some of the websites & software we use everyday. I thought it would be a good idea to spread the word on this site as well. Here is a list of the tools that I use almost everyday and, more importantly, they are all completely free and open source!

  • KeePass
    A very handy application that lets you store the 1000's of passwords that everybody is expected to remember nowadays. Bank details, credit card information, bike lock combinations...anything you can think of really. It's very secure and runs on any platform (Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone etc).
  • Drupal
    A great content management framework which I recently blogged about. While it's not entirely perfect (the editing interface isn't as polished as some alternatives and it doesn't handle the concept of folders at all) but there are millions of additional modules you can install to make it do almost anything you want. It's also free, completely open source and good enough for Barack Obama!
  • Launchy
    Start menus and Application folders are like sooo 1990's. Why bother trying to remember where a particular file or application icon lives when use can let an indexing application do that work for you. Launchy lets you simply launch any program by just typing a few letters of the name (for mac users, they also have the choice of trying the even more powerful QuickSilver but as it's not open source it can't appear in this list).
  • WinMerge
    For you developers out there, this is the best file comparison tool I've ever come across, on any platform. Just a shame it only runs on Windows.
  • Gimp
    A great alternative to the incredibly expensive image manipulating tools such as Photoshop & PaintShopPro. It take a little while to get your head around (especially if you've use other tools like this before) but it's completely free, almost as feature rich as it's costly brothers, and runs on any desktop (although only under X11 on the Mac which is a shame).
  • OpenOffice
    Does the world really need Microsoft Office any more?