December 2010

Open sourcing the ToDo List Widget

I have recently taken the step to open source my ToDo List Widget app which is something I'd been thinking about doing for a while now. My interest in furthering development has lessoned now that the app has obtained a reasonable number of features. Several users have also expressed an interest in modifying the code themselves. Finally as I'm in the android game partly due to the underlying Open Source philosophy, I thought rather then hold the code back, I should jump on the open source train and give others the opportunity to play around with it.

I investigated several different licensing options. I want people to be able to modify and extend the code as they wish, as long as I get proper attribution. I also don't want people making money off my hard work; the app is free to Android users and I'd like the software to stay that way. In the end I've gone with the most widely used GPL (version 3) license. As an added incentive the Android source code is released under the Apache 2.0 license which is itself compatible with GPL v3.0.

The code and all resource files can be found on my GitHub account.

Feel free to fork the code if you wish and push back any changes you make.

Happy coding!